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General guest information*

Air conditioning

Please note that air-conditioned rentals do not necessarily have air conditioning in all rooms/bedrooms. See specification under the individual rental’s distribution of rooms.

Due to rising electricity prices and out of respect for the owner and our beautiful planet, we kindly ask you to follow the instructions below when using the air-conditioning.  

- Please do not let the air-conditioning run at maximum, but set it to typically 26 degrees

- Only use the air-conditioning when you are present in the house.

- Remember to keep all doors and windows closed when using the air conditioning.

Arrival and departure

Arrival from 4 pm (some holiday homes from 7 pm). By arrival later than at 4 pm and in case of delay, the tenants shall inform Provacances or the owner or his representative. Departure shall occur before 10 am.

Avoid theft

Always remember to close and lock gate, doors, windows, and shutters before leaving the house. Gate, front door, windows, and shutters should also be closed at the rear of the house when staying at the pool area, and at night.


In large parts of southern France barbeques are forbidden because of strong wind and drought. Especially open fire barbecue. Respect those instructions. Otherwise you can be heavily fined.


The size of the beds can vary greatly, but will often be smaller than Scandinavian standard beds. Do not expect the mattresses to be the same standard as at home. The holiday homes are equipped with duvets/blankets and pillows.

Defects and complaints

If the tenant upon arrival finds insufficient cleaning, damage to or defects of the holiday home, the tenant is obliged to file a complaint immediately, as the holiday home will otherwise be considered handed over to the tenant without any deficiencies and the tenant will lose the right to claim the defect.

Complaints regarding cleaning shall be reported immediately on the day of arrival. Complaints regarding damages or defects shall be reported as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours from the beginning of the rental period or immediately after the finding of the defect or damage. Complaints shall be directed to the contact person AND PROVACANCES at or tel. 0045 96 70 60 00.

If the tenant fails to address a complaint to PROVACANCES during the rental period, the tenant will lose the right to claim compensation afterwards. 

In the event of a complaint, the tenant shall grant PROVACANCES a reasonable time limit to rectify any errors, damages or defects.

If the tenant chooses to leave the holiday home before the end of the rental period, without prior agreement with Provacances, it is at the tenant's own expense and risk. The tenant risks not being able to terminate the rental agreement and risks losing the right for compensation, if the tenant makes it impossible for PROVACANCES to remedy or rectify any damage or to offer a relocation to a different holiday home.

If, in the tenant's opinion, the complaint reported has not been satisfactorily resolved during the rental period, the complaint must be submitted in writing to PROVACANCES no later than 14 days after the end of the rental period for further processing. Written complaints shall be directed to

In the event of a dispute, the court in Kolding, Denmark, alone has jurisdiction.

Garbage bags

Remember to empty all garbage bags during your stay and before departure. If the dustcart doesn’t pass the house there are public containers can be found at the road near the house.

Gas bottles

If the gas bottle for the barbecue runs out of gas, it is the customer's own responsibility to acquire a new bottle. The empty bottle can be "switched" to a new one at most petrol stations, in supermarkets and in hobby stores (Bricolage, Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Bricomart ..).

How to access

Many of our holiday homes are situated on sloping grounds. It can there for be difficult to access. These holiday homes are not fitted for walking disabled people.

Indoor climate


It can be incredibly difficult to keep the house cool in the summer heat. The best thing to do is to close all windows and shutters during the day to keep the warm air outside. On the other hand, it is a great idea to air the house in the evening when the air is considerably cooler. A good airing of the house in the evening will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Avoid mosquitoes in the summer heat:

Be sure to keep the doors and windows closed during the day. If the heat makes it necessary to air the house during the evening, remember to switch off the lights. Mosquitoes are attracted by light. Purchase various mosquito repellents. For indoor use, you can buy the small appliances that you plug into an electrical outlet. Use mosquito repellent balm or spray … both day and night. For outdoor use we can recommend the green mosquito coils.

Interior of the holiday home

The majority of Provacances’ holiday homes are privately owned. The accommodation is thus individually and personally decorated, and the owner's private belongings can therefore often be found in the accommodation.

Internet connections

- For holiday homes with internet:

Unfortunately, we find that the Internet connection is generally very unstable in large parts of the Mediterranean area. That's why many of our tenants choose to use the 4G connection via their mobile phone, which is usually faster than the WI-FI connection. Alternatively, in case of connection problems, we recommend buying a pre-paid broadband internet access, available in all major electronics stores (Orange, SFR, Vodafone, 3 ..). Due to unstable connections and inadequate coverage in the Mediterranean area, PROVACANCES cannot be held responsible for poor signal, problems with antennas and cables or other force majeure. Therefore, internet problems cannot, for the above reasons, give rise to a refund.

Linen and towel rental

If you have booked towels and bed linen, please note that it will not be changed during the stay, unless otherwise stated. Off course the tenants are welcome to wash and change as they please. Remember to bring your own household linen (dishcloths, dishtowels, napkins etc.) unless otherwise stated on the individual rental.


For those of our holiday homes situated in residential areas, we expect from our clients to show common respect and courtesy. Please be aware that noise is not allowed in residential areas after 10pm.

No smoking

In respect of the owner, other tenants, furniture etc., smoking inside is stricly forbitten.


For holiday homes with pool the tenants are responsible for the correct use of the security system at the pool (alarm system). Children at the swimming pool shall always be under surveillance of adults. Supervision of children at the swimming pool is only the tenant’s responsibility. The security system shall only be seen as a supplement and can never replace the adult's surveillance of the children.

Please REMEMBER to switch of the lights in the pool during the night. Otherwise the pool will be invaded by insects that will block the pool filter. This leads to the fact that the pool will not be cleaned properly and then you risk not to be able to use the pool. Sun lotion that has not been absorbed properly by the skin can also block the filter. Therefore it is important to apply the lotion at least ½ hour before using the pool.

Pool heating

- For holiday homes with pool heating: 

Heat pump: During normal weather and wind conditions, the pool can be heated to maximum 25-27 degrees outside the high season. However, please note that the pool temperature is dependent on the weather. If the days and especially the nights are cold, rainy and windy, it may be difficult to achieve the maximum pool temperature. The pool can typically be heated +7 degrees above normal water temperature.

Please note that some pools are heated with solar panels. Here the temperature will typically be somewhere between 20 and 27 degrees in the period April to October - depending on the sun.

Protection sheets

If the mattresses are protected by protection sheets, those shall remain clean. Therefore, it is not allowed to use the protection sheets as sheets.

Septic tank

Most of our holiday homes have a septic tank. It is therefore forbidden to throw tampons, sanitary towels, wipes, cigarettes etc. into the toilets, as it will stop the drain.

Never pour grease and cooking oil into the kitchen sink. Grease and cooking oil are waste and must be put in the waste bag. Grease and cooking oil will stop the drain and sewage/septic tank in no time.





The size of the holiday home is based on the owner’s information. In most cases it is the interior measures.


Be aware that many supermarkets in France are closed on Sundays. However, most major supermarkets are open Sunday morning.

Towels for outdoor use

Unless otherwise stated, the tenants must bring their own towels for outdoor use.


* Please note that this is general information for all holiday homes. All points are therefore not necessarily important for the accommodation you have booked.