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Holiday house in Vidauban (83.235)

GDPR - Cleaned - GDPR - Cleaned (France) Family with small children
Saturday 08 Aug 2015
4.4 83.235 » Villa with pool in Vidauban
Interior of the accommodation 4
Atmosphere 4
Equipment/facilities 5
Cleanliness 5
Bath- and toilet facilities 5
Kitchen 5
Pool 4
Other outdoor facilities 3
Satisfaction is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being worst and 5 being best
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The view is beautiful the beautiful villa in an old style one can for the living room, the reception on arrival is perfect, I thank provacance Team is very professional and responsive.
as he must find a flaw: The pool is nice but it lacks decent work for a soft, it is not enlightened enough and the pool toilets are can limit.
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Sunday 06 Aug 2023
Anonymous - Amel (Belgium)
The calm and the beautiful view
Monday 22 Aug 2022
Michel De Muynck - Mouscron (Belgium)
Very quiet and well-appointed location, all the comforts.
Monday 19 Jul 2021
Kasper Flarup - Odder (Denmark)
Monday 10 Aug 2020
Anonymous - St Germain de la Grange (France)
Very well equipped house, quiet, many spaces available both inside and outside, superb setting.
Wednesday 29 Jul 2020
Francis Stiz - Verviers (Belgium)
Beautiful equipped and shaded terrace which allows convivial meals sheltered from the sun
Monday 18 Jun 2018
Anonymous - Vassenden (Norway)
Nice pool. Duvets in the beds. Central location in terms of excursions in the area.
Monday 22 Aug 2016
GDPR - Cleaned - GDPR - Cleaned (France)
Everything was perfect, we had a great time in Vidauban! Thank you for everything.