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Holiday house in Montauroux (83.878)

Anonymous - Vejle (Denmark) Several families/generations
Saturday 29 Jul 2023
Interior of the accommodation 5
Atmosphere 5
Equipment/facilities 5
Cleanliness 5
Bath- and toilet facilities 5
Kitchen 5
Pool 5
Other outdoor facilities 5
Satisfaction is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being worst and 5 being best
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Housing beyond the ordinary. The loft was used for children and worked fine. There was the possibility of shielding. A small double room with its own bath/toilet, which was used for the teenagers. At the other end two large master bedrooms. It was really quiet in the rooms. Fantastic well-functioning air conditioning. We often turned it off as it was not needed as the house was thoroughly cooled. Is house beyond the usual interior design. Everything in extremely good quality, decor and deliciousness. Even the bathrooms were a dream. So beautiful. The view is something in itself. Absolutely fantastic with a view over the lake.
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Sunday 06 Aug 2023
Anonymous - Kolding (Denmark)
Location, the pool and the well-appointed rooms.
Monday 17 Jul 2023
Kim Christensen - Birkerød (Denmark)
Nice home with a nice view, nice pool
Monday 25 Jul 2022
Anonymous - Roskilde (Denmark)
Monday 26 Jul 2021
Anonymous - Krefeld (Germany)
The location with the beautiful view from the large terrace.
Monday 19 Jul 2021
Camilla Obling - Holte (Denmark)
Lovely house with fantastic views and lovely large covered terrace.
Monday 12 Jul 2021
Bolette Søndergaard - Holte (Denmark)
Great views, nice pool area and outdoor lounge area