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Holiday house in Montauroux (83.395)

Ole Berggren Madsen - Middelfart (Denmark) Several families/generations
Monday 26 Jul 2021
Interior of the accommodation 5
Atmosphere 5
Equipment/facilities 5
Cleanliness 5
Bath- and toilet facilities 5
Kitchen 5
Pool 5
Other outdoor facilities 5
Satisfaction is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being worst and 5 being best
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It was an incredibly good welcome we received from Sally when we arrived at the house. The house is incredibly nice and in the most beautiful surroundings and with the beautiful, beautiful views, and very well-landscaped outdoor areas kept by the gardener. We really appreciated the incredibly delicious furniture both outside and inside. Lovely with such good materials in furniture and interior, including also incredibly exclusive bed linen. Also a pleasure that we could get in touch with Sally during the whole stay if needed. All in all, a visit stay that we would like to repeat.
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Monday 25 Sep 2023
Birgitte Susanne Thomsen - Haslev (Denmark)
We only have positive things to say about the accommodation, Sally and the staff at Provacances
Monday 22 Aug 2022
Anonymous - Paris (France)
The view The house
Monday 11 Jul 2022
Anonymous - Odense SØ (Denmark)
Outdoor areas and views.
Monday 10 Aug 2020
Nicolas Baronnier Trompette - Chambrost-Allières (France)
That was far far better than the ( so far beautiful) add!
Monday 10 Aug 2020
Marco Martino - Battice (Belgium)
The atmosphere of the house, the place for everyone, the internet connection
Monday 20 Jul 2020
Thomas Quistgaard - Valby (Denmark)
Monday 17 Aug 2015
Anonymous - Hamburg (Germany)