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Apartment in Les Issambres (83.107)

Dr.Horst und Andrea Lohrmann - Berg (Germany) Family with older children
Monday 28 Aug 2017
Interior of the accommodation 5
Atmosphere 5
Equipment/facilities 5
Cleanliness 4
Bath- and toilet facilities 4
Kitchen 5
Pool 3
Other outdoor facilities 5
Satisfaction is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being worst and 5 being best
The location of the apartment was very good, near to all shops, near to the harbour ,to get to St. Tropez for example, and naer to the beach. The view from all rooms was really wonderful! The apartment is very well equipped and exceptionally tastefully decorated.
It was not allowed to bring toys to the pool. On the first day they took air mattresses and a water pistol and were immediately pointed out by another flat owner that this was forbitten...
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Monday 17 Jun 2019
Anonymous - Ratingen (Germany)
Tuesday 15 Aug 2017
Sigmund Årbogen - Kongsvinger (Norway)
Very nice and clean. Very nice pool and card to all amenities
Monday 03 Jul 2017
Peter Rodney-Jensen - København S (Denmark)
The good location in small town
Monday 26 Sep 2016
GDPR - Cleaned - GDPR - Cleaned (Norway)
Nice view, central location and good balcony.
Monday 08 Aug 2016
Anonymous - GDPR - Cleaned (Norway)
Large and airy terrace and close to the sea and shops. Not too touristy area.