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Holiday house in Carros (06.397)

Bianca Prescott - Steyl (The Netherlands) Mature couple without children
Monday 04 Oct 2021
Interior of the accommodation 5
Atmosphere 5
Equipment/facilities 5
Cleanliness 4
Bath- and toilet facilities 5
Kitchen 5
Pool 5
Other outdoor facilities 5
Satisfaction is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being worst and 5 being best
We truly enjoyed this house very much, the setting outside behind the house with rock walls and trees pretty. We stayed with our two Galgo Espanol dogs who enjoyed runing in the garden. We did not need additional fencing because the property was enclosed. The kitchen, dining area inside and outside were very nice. Living Space relaxing. The pool was great and the atmospere was really calming and quite. There is no traffic going by the property except some people that live there in the cul-de-sac. The owner Claus was reachable for a short power problem and always helpful. The lounge area up by the living/dining area as well as by the pool had wonderful relaxing loung settings and lights at night - so you could extend the day into night. All over a very pretty and great place to stay. Two big refrigators and a large utility room for washer, dryer etc was also enclosed to the kitchen. We would have loved to stay longer :) Thank you Claus for being a great host.
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Monday 28 Aug 2023
Ulrike Meininger - Gelnhausen (Germany)
everything was perfect. We felt very comfortable in the really great house.
Monday 12 Jun 2023
Anonymous - Engen (Germany)
Monday 10 Oct 2022
Anonymous - Erfurt (Germany)
Wonderful pool and garden, very well maintained. Very good location, nice nearby
Monday 12 Sep 2022
Anonymous - Engen (Germany)
very nice pool, very quiet location,
Tuesday 19 Oct 2021
Anonymous - Kleve (Germany)
Monday 17 Aug 2020
Anonymous - Versailles (France)