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Holiday house in Bargemon (83.327)

Anonymous - Heusenstamm (Germany) Family with older children
Monday 04 Sep 2023
Interior of the accommodation 4
Atmosphere 4
Equipment/facilities 4
Cleanliness 4
Bath- and toilet facilities 4
Kitchen 5
Pool 4
Other outdoor facilities 3
Satisfaction is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being worst and 5 being best
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The house is in a very quiet location but this means long travel times to excursions or long travel times to the large supermarket. Small supermarket (quick, small purchase) is as described in the next village, as well as a small bakery. Equipment is good and everything is there that needs to be there (kitchen).
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Thursday 21 Sep 2023
Anonymous - Berlin (Germany)
Sunday 06 Aug 2023
Michael Kristensen - Esbjerg V (Denmark)
Good decor and nice pool area
Monday 15 Aug 2022
Anonymous - Herrenberg (Germany)
Size and versatility of the outside areas, great views, very nice atmosphere